Effective web site design is now a vital component to any business.

iThink Marketing will create a web site that perfectly suits your needs and reflects you in a professional manner. We will research your company goals, your competition, your market, your target audience and so much more, to thoughtfully create your online presence, making your business effective in the global marketplace of the internet.

Using a combination of creativity and design, the development of tried and tested usability features, database building and dynamic programming and administering; iTM web design skills and development experience helps create functional, informative, exciting and powerful web sites. Whether you need a new web site or it's time to give your current one a facelift or upgrade, there are three main web site elements to consider.

Creative Design

The visual impact and design of your site speaks volumes about your company's identity and image. It is the only place that anyone in the world can instantly judge your companies ethos, professionalism and stature. iThink Marketing is committed to providing you with a visually excellent web site that compliments you and your business. Site Architecture and Navigation. The way your web site is structured and navigated will have huge consequences on it's overall effectiveness. A web site with a sound architecture needs to have a highly logical structure that is effortless to browse through. Without this your potential customer will become frustrated and simply click and go. We will look at the different areas to be included in your web site and design a structure that will be optimal for your visitors.

Web Site Content : Content is King!

The most successful web sites are written with their potential viewers in mind. The information within the site should be relevant and targeted to the viewer. Not many viewers will have the patience to trawl through a web site that is crammed with information that they do not need. Another bonus to having relevant and succinct content is that search engines will reward you for this in their ranking assessments. iThink Marketing will advise on your sites content and can provide copy writing and editing services to suit web site publication.

There are a multitude of features and add-ons that can enhance your web site, and without going overboard, it's worth considering which of these will be an asset to the site.

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